Vermont Digital Arts at DevCon5

Tomorrow begins DevCon5 HTML5 conference in New York, New York.  Elliott Mitchell, founder of Vermont Digital Arts, will be speaking on Thursday about why he recommends developing games in Unity on the panel: The Game Developer’s Dilemma. The panel description is as follows:

Mobile/social gaming is exploding, with smaller teams and smaller budgets developer can reach new market segments. One of the critical questions every developer needs to ask is What would be the best choice HTML5 or something else? HTML5 holds the oft heard promise of write once run anywhere. Unity 3d is growing in leaps and bounds and seems to be the most common multiplatform development environment for cross platform games.


Panel members include:

Alex Engel
Disruptor Beam

Elliott Mitchell
CEO & Founder
Vermont Digital Arts

Jonathan Myers
Creative Director
Reactive Studios

Monty Sharma

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Hope to see you there!

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