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Vermont Digital Arts

Indie Game Studio

Founded in 2008, Vermont Digital Arts specializes in Unity 3D Game development and art for mobile, PC, console and emergent platforms. We create original indie games and occasionally partner with other studios.

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Elliott Mitchell

Co-Founder / Game Designer / 3D Artist / Game Developer

Elliott Mitchell is an artistic entrepreneur, maker of games, educator and co-founder of Vermont Digital Arts. Elliott’s primary goal is to create new groundbreaking games that traverse media, disciplines and cultures.

Elliott’s passions include game design, 3D art, Virtual Reality, filmmaking, production pipelines, teaching, mentoring, networking and living close to the land with his family in Vermont.

As an active member of the Boston area game development scene, Elliott co-founded two Boston based groups – The Boston Unity Group (BUG) and the North East Digital Artists Group (NEDAG). Elliott’s is a working member of the Indie Game Collective as well as an active member in the Boston Indies.

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Julie Beet

Co-Founder / Game Designer / Writer / Game Developer

Julie Beet co-founded Vermont Digital Arts with the goal of synthesizing her many passions into interactive art pieces that merge education and inspiration. Game design and development evolve out Julie’s strong connection to the Vermont landscape, her dedication to homeschooling and her desire to leave this place a little better than she found it. Writing, mythology, beekeeping and herbal medicine weave patterns throughout Julie’s life and games. Julie’s interest in gaming began early in life with her Magnavox Odyssey, which also explains her fear of static electricity.

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Sam Squanch

Resident Yeti

Sam, our elusive resident yeti, has been spotted from time to time roaming the snowy backwoods of Vermont with an Oculus Rift developer kit. Do not be alarmed. Sam is playing a lead role in one of our upcoming VR titles. If spotted, Sam is best left alone unless you happen to have snack food you’re willing to part with.

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