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  • Steam Developers Unite

    Steam Dev Days

    Valve’s first Steam Developer’s Conference, Steam Dev Days, is set to kick off January 15 in Seattle, WA. Vermont Digital Arts is very excited to be attending this historic game developer event! We just happen to be developing a few games for Steam and Steam + Oculus Rift  and Unity for the win. What is particularly amazing is Valve’s decision to launch SteamVR Beta one day ahead of Steam Dev Days! This is going to be good!

    Hope to see you at Steam Dev Days! Tweet to Elliott Mitchell, our Co-Founder, on Twitter @mrt3d if you’d like to connect at the conference.

  • Boston Indie Game Collective’s Unite 2013 Talks


    Check out all the session videos by members of the Boston Indie Game Collective at Unite 2013! Michael over at the IGC put together a page with the talks by Disco Pixel, Owlchemy LabsPopcannibal and Vermont Digital Arts! Check it out here!

  • Unite 2013 Video: Successfully Avoiding Common Pathways to Heartbreak and Disaster in Your Art Pipeline

    Do you make 3D art, animation and or use Unity to make multiplatform Games?  Anyone can download or make 3D art assets and anyone can make games in Unity. It is another story when it comes to creating an art pipeline that accounts for efficiency, flexibility, multiple resolutions for multiplatform optimizations. Art optimization begin in the tools one chooses to uses for content creation. Optimization is also dependent on the way tools are utilized and how they export assets for Unity. Finally, art optimization happen within the Unity editor, which varies for individual targeted platforms, with best art practices and smart coding.

    Elliott Mitchell, co-founder of Vermont Digital Arts and the Boston Unity User Group, gave a Unite 2013 (Unity Developer’s Conference) talk on this topic last August in Vancouver, BC. Check out the video of his talk and check back here to see a series of blog posts on topics covered as well as the plethora of areas he didn’t have to touch upon in his talk at Unite.

    Special thanks goes to Anzovin Studio for providing The Setup Machine for Games to Elliott and Vermont Digital Arts. In addition, Anzovin provided their expertise by rigging the Elliott’s 3D Samsquanch character as well as animating an Idle and Walk cycle for this demo!

    Remember, there is no optimized game without good coding even if your art is exceptional. Make friends with talented engineers or learn to code yourself! It takes both sides of the brain to make great games!

  • Video Games At The 2013 Vermont Arts Summit


    Front view of the Vermont State House (taken Sept. 23, 2004) – © 2004 Matthew Trump

    Vermont Digital Arts is honored to have been invited to represent in the 2013 Vermont Arts Summit at the Vermont State House!

    When: Saturday, October 26, 2013
    Where: Vermont State House
    Montpelier, VT

    Elliott Mitchell, Vermont Digital Arts co-founder, will be speaking on the panel The Art of Great Digital Games:

    Background art, character development, textures – each of these and many more forms of artistic output are essential to many of today’s most popular games. Narrative, music composition and sound design can drive some of the best in-game experiences. So why don’t video and mobile games have more credibility when it comes to art and arts-based learning? Hear from three developers of mobile games about the serious opportunities for creating and experiencing great art through personal devices. Through discussion we’ll explore ways classic studio skills can be augmented and deployed using mobile, hand-held, and PC computers. Moderated by Lars Hasselblad Torres.

    Marguerite Dibble of Birnam Wood Games , Josh Buck of Champlain College , Daniel Moore of Toonuva Games and Lars Hasselblad Torres of The Vermont Office of the Creative Economy will be  joining with Elliott on stage to speak about video games in the arts.

    If you are interested in making games in the State of Vermont then Register here!

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