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  • Samsquanch at Unite 2013

    Vermont Digital Arts is back from Unite 2013! What a conference!

    Elliott Mitchell (founder of Vermont Digital Arts) presented on Successfully Avoiding Common Pathways to Heartbreak and Disasters in Your Art Pipeline last week at Unite. Due to popular demand, keep a posted on a series of upcoming mini-posts relating to Elliott’s talk.

    Samsquanch Concept Sculpt for Unite 2013

    Overall I feel my talk was well received by the audience at Unite 2013. The audience was an interesting mix of artists and developers with various levels of experience in Unity and art pipelines. I realized I only had time to cover a fraction of the content I thought was important so I just went with the flow and covered what I could in the allocated time. I’m looking forward to authoring a series of posts covering my talk and points beyond!

    -Elliott Mitchell (Founder Vermont Digital Arts)

    Elliott Mitchell Unite 2013 talk

    Also we wanted to give a shout out to Anzovin Studio for the rigging and animation on Samsquanch with TSMG!

    Unite 2013 talk.002

    More to come….

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  • Concept Sculpt Of Samsquanch: Work In Progress Part 1

    New internal projects are in development at Vermont Digital Arts! We have been working on some original game designs and concept art for a variety of platforms including the Oculus Rift, Steam and a host of emergent mobile devices to be developed in Unity.

    Vermonster Concept Scuplts

    Vermonster Concept Sculpts by Elliott Mitchell ( Vermont Digital Arts )

    Above is a sneak peak at a character rather early on in the concept art phase for an upcoming IP we are developing. This sculpt of a hybrid yeti-ape creature is modeled in ZBrush and is currently a whopping 13 million polygons. Today we hope to refine the basic form a little more then retopologize the creature in 3D Coat before modeling fine details and painting textures. It’d be great to hand a low poly version of this creature to our partners on the rigging and animation team at Anzovin Studio ASAP. It’s essential to identify problem areas in the geometry as early as possible and allow the animators time to work.

    Check back to see a series of posts on the creative and technical processes that drive our development.

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  • Vermont Digital Arts at DevCon5

    Tomorrow begins DevCon5 HTML5 conference in New York, New York.  Elliott Mitchell, founder of Vermont Digital Arts, will be speaking on Thursday about why he recommends developing games in Unity on the panel: The Game Developer’s Dilemma. The panel description is as follows:

    Mobile/social gaming is exploding, with smaller teams and smaller budgets developer can reach new market segments. One of the critical questions every developer needs to ask is What would be the best choice HTML5 or something else? HTML5 holds the oft heard promise of write once run anywhere. Unity 3d is growing in leaps and bounds and seems to be the most common multiplatform development environment for cross platform games.


    Panel members include:

    Alex Engel
    Disruptor Beam

    Elliott Mitchell
    CEO & Founder
    Vermont Digital Arts

    Jonathan Myers
    Creative Director
    Reactive Studios

    Monty Sharma

    Check out the rest of the DevCon5 conference speakers.

    Hope to see you there!

    Follow our Tweets from the event: @VTDigitalArts

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  • Spin Spell Game Play Video from PAX East 2013

    In case you missed us at PAX East this year, we are posting this quick little video we made for our Indie MEGABOOTH area! Yes the video is sped up.

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