Here you will find information on the game rules, power-ups, glossary of game terms, Vermont Digital Arts, the making of the gameā€¦


Standard iOS play mode is available for all iOS 11 devices.
Augmented Reality mode is only available for devices with A9 chips(or higher).



To find, make and select as many words as possible, leaving behind as few letters as possible, while focusing on creating and selecting chains of words for the highest point value.

Game Play

On start, the hive is populated with letters. When the player finds and swipes a word, all the letters of the word, except for the last one, disappear. The last letter the word advances one alphabetically and becomes the highlighted Waggle Piece.

If the next word selected begins with the highlighted Waggle Piece, this creates a chain of words called a Waggle Streak. The number of Waggle Streaks in a row is called the Waggle Streak Level.


The player has eight power-up types at their disposal. Power-ups can be used at any time and in any combination. Each game begins with three random power-ups, but more are awarded as your score increases. The power-ups are:

Advance One

Advances a letter by one place alphabetically.

Go Back One

Shifts a letter back one alphabetically.

Advance Two

Advances a letter by two places alphabetically.

Go Back Two

Shifts a letter back two places alphabetically.


Picks up a letter and moves it to an empty cell.


Duplicates any letter in the hive, allowing you to place the copied letter in an empty cell.


Switches the location of two letters (the second letter may be an empty cell).


Moves and consolidates all the letters in the hive.


Points are based on word length, letter values, and Waggle Streak levels. The longer the word and the higher the Waggle Streak, the greater the points earned.

Word point values are the product of the sum of individual letter values multiplied by length of the word. For instance, if you select the word YES you would be awarded 18 points. This is calculated by adding the sum of the letter values: Y (4 points) + E (1 point) + S (1 point) = 6 points. The sum of the letters is then multiplied by the word length, 3, for a total of 18 points.

If your word is part of a Waggle Streak, the word point value is then multiplied by the Waggle Streak Level. For instance, if you score 18 points for the word YES and your Waggle Streak Level is 10 because you have made 10 consecutive chains of words, you will be awarded 180 points for that turn.

As soon as a word is made starting from any letter other than the Waggle Piece, the Waggle Streak Level returns to 0.

End Game

In Casual and Daily Games, the game is over when the player can not find or make any new words. The player hits the “End Game” button to stop play and see their final points and stats. In the Speed Game, the game ends after 1.5 minutes of timed play.

Game Types

  • Casual Game is an untimed game that allows you to play at your own pace. With over 85 unique hives and unlimited combination of letters, you play a new game every time.
  • Speed Game has all the same rules as the Casual Game, but played within 1.5 minutes. How many words can you make in that much time?
  • Daily Game is a downloadable, unique game of the day. Play multiple times in one day to try to beat your own score. Check out Game Center to compare your stats with others playing the exact same hive and letters as you.

Game Modes

AR Mode (Augmented Reality Mode) – is only available for devices with A9 chips (or higher) and can be accessed by selecting “AR Mode” from the Play Menu. Once AR Mode has been selected, you will be prompted to choose either “standard touch” or “target” for AR.

  • Standard Touch for AR allows you to use your device’s touch screen for game play.
  • Target for AR requires that you aim with the game’s central target reticle at the letters or power-up that you wish to select. You then select the letter or power-up by pressing either one of the two semicircular buttons on the side of the screen. If you press both semicircular buttons simultaneously, the hive will reorient in front of you.

To switch between Standard Touch and Target for AR, end your game and navigate back to the Play Menu. Disable AR Mode and then re-enable it to be prompted with the Standard Touch and Target for AR choice.

To disable AR mode, end your game and navigate back to the Play Menu where the “AR Mode” can be disabled with a touch. AR Mode is highlighted when enabled.

Players tend to enjoy Target for AR when using a larger device, such as an iPad, and Standard Touch for AR when using a smaller device such as an iPhone.


Tutorial Mode – can be accessed by selecting “Tutorial Mode” from the Play Menu and then choosing “Casual Game”. Tutorial Mode provides hints and help throughout the Casual Game play.

Tutorial Mode can also be selected within AR Mode. First select “AR Mode”, then choose either “standard touch” or “target” for AR. After this, “Tutorial Mode” can be selected. Begin a “Casual Game” to play in AR with hints and help throughout the Casual Game play.

Tutorial mode may be disabled during a game by pressing the Tutorial Mode button at the bottom of the screen. Once disabled, if you wish to turn it back on again, you need to re-enable the mode from the Play Menu.


iCloud integration may be utilized in order to have your local stats shared between all of your devices. To use iCloud with Waggle Words you need to do the following:

  • Log onto iCloud with your device in the System Settings.
  • Enable iCloud Drive
  • Allow Waggle Words to use iCloud

Note: Currently, if you play offline (without a network connection) and/or not logged onto iCloud, you stats may not sync up properly on your device. There is a set of stats that syncs with iCloud and a set that is device specific if you’re not on a network or iCloud. We’re working on a fix for this.


Waggle Words iOS utilizes Game Center Leaderboards. If you want your stats to be shared to Game Center, you need to be sure your device is logged on to Game Center before playing. If you happen to be logged on to Game Center but offline, your stats will be uploaded to Game Center the next time you are online.


Waggle Piece: The last letter of a word selected which advances one place alphabetically. Beginning a word from the highlighted Waggle Piece creates a Waggle Streak.

Waggle Streak: A chain of words that is formed by starting a new word with the highlighted Waggle Piece.

Waggle Level: The number of Waggle Streaks that have been consecutively made. A word’s point value is multiplied by the Waggle Level. Waggle Level is indicated at the top right of the screen.